Reggie, 1590 days ago

Mother Fucker!

That's what I said when I realized my personal bike had been stolen.

My daughter said "let's ride bikes to school daddy" sure let me go get the bikes. I went to the basement and unlocked the door got her bike out and realized mine was not there, oh it's at the shop I figured. You can ride daddy will try to keep up with you and made it into a joke. A short time later I opened up the shop got things in order and then I remembered oh yeah my bike. And that's when I said it " Mother Fucker it's gone!" I had just joined the club. Kinda like being jumped into a gang, except my homies were not beating the tar out of me and I had not volunteered for this. This club is made up of a few different kinds of people. Some are the"it won't happen to me, my cable lock  is fine" type, others are " people steal bikes here" ? type, and then there is the group I fall into"I dont put my bikes in a situation where they can be stolen , and if I do I lock them up really well."  Well that's what i used to say.

This time I realized "I had really screwed up this time", a popular saying in my house to make the other person laugh. I'm not even sure where or when or even how it happened. But I think it went down like this:

A few days earlier I had realized my commute bike had been left at my shop for almost a week, man I need to ride in I thought I had needed to drive several  time for different reason in the previous week. So I grabbed the ole' bike and put it in my van drove it home, parked on the street out front, and promptly got distracted or who knows, but I think I left it in my locked van. The next day I see my door is unlocked and I think thats wierd I always lock up, looked like nothing was missing , so off the work. Then a few days later My daughter said " daddy let's ride bikes to school" and , well you already know the rest of my story. So I made a list of how much I actually had invested in my "rain/commute bike" Well safe to say it was a lot more than I had realized. Lots of the stuff I had collected over the years and can not be replaced, but more than that it just plain old makes you mad! Its just not cool.

The worst part is, bike people fuel this trade, buy buying used stuff at 'A good deal" off craigs list and ebay and under bridges where people can buy a used bike for really cheap. So next time you buying parts or a whole bike off of some source that is less the reputable you may be buying my stolen stuff, or worse yet your own.