a wee bit concussed

Reggie, 3490 days ago

So last week I figured the local jumps by my house were finally dry enough to go hit. This was the monday after easter sunday. So me and this new guy from my shop (billy aka bigfoot, a former employee of spooky cycles ) got there around 3pm or so. The weather was good, high 40's. This was Billy's first time at these jumps. so  we hit the little set a few times , billy fell coming back over the little set, he had just hit them and was coming back in the wrong direction, and just bailed screwing around. No harm done a small cut on one of his hands , of course he was not wearing any gloves  because as he told me, " I ain't got none," and his helmet was held together on one of the straps with a zip tie.

So I have gloves on and my helmet is not held together with a zip tie , and I had been to these jumps a lot, since they are 5 minutes from my house. So I hit the big set of 5 jumps, skipping tha last 2 as most people do, because of some crappy berms that connect them. (On a side note, I plan to rearrange these crappy berms and the last 2 jumps to make them in a straight line so I don't have to skip them anymore.) So that is what I was thinking of, just flowing over a couple of jumps. Then about 3 or so runs later, over the bigger set (I was pretty high according to Big Foot), I came down a little cock-eyed. No big deal, everything looked like it would be fine.

Well, from what I was told, my front tire slipped on the landing, and I managed to land on the left side of my head/helmet. I didn't get knocked out, but I did make some funny faces when I got up. Billy told me I looked like I had just hatched out of some kind of egg (I don't know what that means either). The first thing I remember was asking Billy, "what jump did I crash over?" Billy told me " the second one, and that's the second time you asked me that question, I'm starting to get worried about you, maybe you should go to the hospital..." I told him I was fine. Then I continued asking him the same question over and over for the next five or ten minutes, finally proclaiming "I think I have a concussion."

I don't remember anything 5 minutes before or after the crash. I believe my self-diagnosis was correct. It was later confirmed by my less-than-happy 8-month-plus pregnant doctor-wife that the headache, memory loss, and ringing in my ears were indeed signs of a concussion and possibly some bleeding in my skull. Turns out I made it through the night, so we dont think there was any bleeding...

Now it's the next monday, a week later, and we hope to get out to the jumps to start all over again, but we may get rained out.

Moral of the story: wear your helmet all the time.